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Mathematical articles and books by Vaclav Kotesovec

  • Asymptotics for a certain group of exponential generating functions - arXiv:2207.10568 [math.CO], 13 Jul 2022 - a combination of the Hayman's method, Newton's method and limits with LambertW function (in addition: bug in Mathematica found!). OEIS A143405, A355291, A002872, A002874.
  • Asymptotic formula for OEIS A032302 - a combination of the Euler-MacLaurin summation formula and the saddle point method. Formula (and generalization) for A032302 published Jan 04 2016, Mathematica notebook added Jun 21 2022
  • L-convex polyominoes and 201-avoiding ascent sequences, with Anthony Guttmann, arXiv:2109.09928 [math.CO], 21 Sep 2021
  • Asymptotics of sequence A002513, mirror - added 24.8.2019
  • A method of finding the asymptotics of q-series based on the convolution of generating functions - arXiv:1509.08708 [math.CO], 29 Sep 2015
  • Asymptotics of the Euler transform of Fibonacci numbers - arXiv:1508.01796 [math.CO], 7 Aug 2015
  • The partition factorial constant and asymptotics of the sequence A058694, mirror - added 26.6.2015
  • The integration of q-series, mirror - added 29.5.2015, updated 31.5.2015
  • Asymptotics of the sequence A120733, mirror - added 3.5.2015
  • Asymptotics of sequence A034691, mirror - application of the saddle-point method (added 9.9.2014)
  • Asymptotic of the coefficients A079330 / A088989, mirror - about roots of the equation tan(x)=x (added 20.8.2014)
  • Asymptotic solution of the equations using the Lambert W-function, mirror - method of solution of the equations, with an application of the theorem by Hayman (added 8.8.2014)
  • Asymptotic of subsequences of A212382, mirror - application of the theorem by Bender for ordinary generating functions (added 17.7.2014)
  • Asymptotic of sequences A161630, A212722, A212917 and A245265, mirror - application of the theorem by Bender for exponential generating functions (added 16.7.2014)
  • Asymptotic of sequences A244820, A244821 and A244822, mirror (added 11.7.2014)
  • Asymptotic of implicit functions if Fww = 0 - extension of theorem by Bender (added 19.1.2014)
  • Asymptotic of sequence A227403 - rigorous proof and conjecture (added 21.9.2013)
  • Asymptotic of Young tableaux of bounded height - conjecture (added 12.9.2013)
  • Asymptotic of sequence A084611 (added 26.7.2013)
  • Interesting asymptotic formulas for binomial sums (added 9.6.2013, extended 28.6.2013)
  • Asymptotic of generalized Apéry sequences with powers of binomial coefficients (added 4.11.2012, extended 23.11.2012)
  • Too many errors around coefficient C1 in asymptotic of sequence A002720 - I found bug in program Mathematica! (added 28.9.2012) Update 25.7.2015: This bug was fixed in version / July 2015.
  • Asymptotic of a sums of powers of binomial coefficients * x^k (added 20.9.2012)
  • Asymptotic formula for number of fat trees on n labeled vertices - OEIS A055779 (added 27.8.2012)

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    Non-attacking chess pieces (2013)

    A book is devoted to the question of the number of arrangements of non-attacking chess pieces of the same kind on chessboards of various sizes and types. The best-known example is the n-Queens problem, but this publication has a much wider range and includes other chess pieces (kings, rooks, bishops, knights) and many fairy pieces. Even though the book is about chess and each problem can be placed among chess-mathematical problems, it will be more readily understandable by mathematicians than by chess players or composers. A partial knowledge of linear algebra, difference equations, generating functions and power series is necessary.

      Non-attacking chess pieces (sixth edition)
    (chess and mathematics)

    by Vaclav Kotesovec

    795 pages, over 500 formulas, many tables

    published 2.2.2013 (minor update 8.9.2016)

    free download PDF (14 MB)

    New in the sixth edition (this edition is probably final):
  • For pieces Rookhopper and Bishophopper (include number of stalemate positions!) see new chapters 9.9
  • For maximal number of non-attacking riders [r,s], see updated chapter 14.1
  • New formulas for semi-knights and generally for semi-leapers, see new chapter 5.1.2
  • Enhanced table of entropy constants, see page 69
  • New recurrence for bishops on an toroidal chessboard n x n if n is even, see page 280
  • Both constants in the asymptotic formula for composite pieces semi-Rook + semi-Bishop are now in closed form!, see page 717
  • Formula for 10 non-attacking kings on an n x n chessboard, see updated chapter 2.1

    New in the fifth edition:
  • For general asymptotic formulas see new chapter 13.1
  • For new results for m x n non-attacking kings on a 2m x 2n chessboard see chapters 2.3 and 2.3.9
  • For non-attacking kings on the cylindrical chessboard, see the new chapters 2.6, 2.6.9, 2.7 and 2.5
  • For new formula for the number of ways of placing n2 non-attacking kings on an 2n x 2n toroidal chessboard, see the new chapter 2.9
  • For explicit formula for the number of ways of placing 6 non-attacking queens on an n x n toroidal chessboard, see the updated chapter 1.3
  • For non-attacking nightriders on the cylindrical chessboard, see the new chapters 6.5 and 6.6
  • Roots of a polynomials as points in the complex plane
  • Added pieces semi-wazir, semi-fers and semi-knight (interesting from mathematical view point), see new chapters 9.1.1, 9.3.1, 9.4.1 and 5.1.1
  • Reduced PDF size
    Errata 5th edition

    New in the fourth edition:
  • For general formulas for the number of ways of placing k non-attacking bishops on an n x n chessboard (including the most interesting case k=n), see the updated chapters 4.1, 4.3 and new chapters 4.1.1, 4.1.2., 4.4.
  • For miscellaneous problems with rooks, see chapter 3.1.1
  • An extensive new chapter 12 is devoted to the asymptotic behaviour of sequences of numbers of ways of placing non-attacking composite pieces rook + leaper, queen + leaper, rook + rider, queen + rider. There are many new formulas, conjectures, graphs and tables of values.
  • For maximal number of non-attacking pieces, see chapter 14

    New in the third edition:
  • 8n nonattacking kings on a 16 x 2n chessboard, formula for smallest root (include limit)
  • Formula for 5 non-attacking amazons on a n x n board
  • Kings, amazons and zebras on a toroidal chessboard
  • 65 new explicit formulas added to section Riders, total more than 300 explicit formulas in third edition now
  • New results and tables for 2 riders on a toroidal chessboard
  • Method for transformation of formulas with Floor function to expressions with trigonometric functions
  • Index of citations

    New in the second edition:
  • General recurrence for number of ways of placing k non-attacking queens on an n x n chessboard
  • Leapers
  • Riders

  • Number of ways of placing non-attacking queens, kings, bishops and knights on boards of various sizes - old article, website, 1996-2010

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  • Podschet rasstanovok ferzey na shakhmatnoy doske - Artem M. Karavaev, Kazanskaya Nauka 10, 2010, p.13-16
  • Thomas Zaslavsky - Publications and So Forth
  • Roberto Tauraso - Papers - OEIS A078630
  • The q-Queens Problem: One-Move Riders on the Rectangular Board - Jaimal Ichharam, arXiv:1501.06642 [math.CO], 27 Jan 2015
  • Closed-Form Expressions for the n-Queens Problem and Related Problems - Kevin Pratt, International Mathematics Research Notices, Volume 2019, Issue 4, February 2019, Pages 1098–1107, arXiv 1609.09585 [math.CO], 2017.
  • The number of n-queens configurations - Michael Simkin, 2021.

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