Solving time paradox II

Two similar problems with promotion force, but for programs very different. In first problem is (in intelligent mode) VKSACH 40x faster than POPEYE, but in second problem is POPEYE 39x faster than VKSACH.

In first problem VKSACH analyzed much more mating positions, but time is much better. Interesting is, that VKSACH 9 minutes 48 seconds searching possible mating positions and time for testing ways from diagram position to mating positions is only 3 minutes 56 seconds. I don't know, why POPEYE slower. Maybe also time necessary for searching (and eliminating) of all mating positions is long.

In second problem is identical number of mating positions (POPEYE display this value in intelligent mode with "opt Zugnummern", "opt MoveNumbers"), reason for better time for POPEYE is probably in hashing. With only 100 MB POPEYE solved this problem 2x slower.

V.Kotesovec, 2.10.2002

Jozsef Korponai
Magyar Sakkélet 2/1962

H#7 (8+2)

1.K:h1 Lc6+ 2.b:c6 Ld5+ 3.c:d5 Le4+ 4.d:e4 Lf3+ 5.e:f3 Lg2+ 6.f:g2 Kf3 7.g1L Kg3#

VKSACH (8.7)0 MB13 minutesintelligent mode, 85085 mating positions
POPEYE (3.75)900 MB8 hours 40 minutesintelligent mode, 112 mating positions
ALYBADIX (2002)850 MB10 hours 24 minutesbrute force (intelligent mode = more hours)
WINCHLOE (DOS)0 MB8 hours 28 minutesintelligent mode, 1198 mating positions

Gertraud Ebert
2020 feenschach 01-03/1977

H#7 (2+7)

1.Kd7 L:d4 2.Kc6 Kc3 3.Kb5 L:e5 4.Ka4 L:f6 5.Ka3 L:g7 6.Ka2 L:h8 7.Ka1 Kb3#

VKSACH (8.7)0 MB9 hours 5 minutesintelligent mode, 42 mating positions
POPEYE (3.75)900 MB14 minutesintelligent mode, 42 mating positions
POPEYE (3.75)100 MB30 minutesintelligent mode, 42 mating positions
ALYBADIX (2002)850 MB2 hours 55 minutesintelligent mode (brute force = more hours)
WINCHLOE (DOS)0 MB> 10 hoursintelligent mode