Solving time paradox

Kurt Ewald
Problemkiste Mai 1991

H#4 (4+9)
1.S:c5 Sb3 2.Sce6 Sc5 3.Sb3 Kd1 4.Sed4 Sa4#
Alybadix 20012 MB100 MB
intelligent mode0:090:23
brute force0:140:12
Popeye 3.702 MB100 MB
intelligent mode0:030:25
brute force1:010:47
Both programs
1) in intelligent mode is solution faster if used only small hash memory (in Popeye default 2MB)
2) in brute force mode is solution faster with more hash memory, in Popeye for example with option -MAXMEM 100M

Problem is with clearing of hash memory. In intelligent mode programs cleared memory with ALL matting positions. For short problems is this linear time relative very long (if big memory), but with small memory not.

Remark: this paradox is NOT in new version of Alybadix 2001 for seriehelpmates and seriestalemates.


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