Note for (foreign) VKSACH users

VKSACH (version of 1996) is now freeware.

I created this program in years 1976-1990 for miscellaneous machines and transformed it for PC in 1990.

VKSACH is of all first for me! (and for 30-40 Czech and Slovak users)

Few composers asked me: "... is it possible to transform VKSACH to english version?"

Sorry, I have no time to transform the program from Czech to English version and to create English manual.
I am now only VKSACH "user"...

I recommend to use POPEYE or ALYBADIX. Both programs now use hash tables (VKSACH not) and VKSACH is still faster only in long helpmates (with RS or RS1 options) and uses intelligent mode also in problems with fairy pieces.

If you have fairy helpmates not testable with ALY or PY because of a considerable time necessary for testing, I can help you with testing.

Prague, 30.12.1999    V.Kotesovec