Big computer test

I tested with Helpbadix-C (and option "EverTree") following two problems from WinChloe database.
(in case of these problems intelligent mode not possible)

Both problems are C+

Solving time for first problem was 182 hours 30 minutes, but second problem (immediately after first) only 46 minutes! (on 600 MHz, with 845 MB RAM)

Interesting is also total number of moves and number of pruning:

Moves(All/W/B): 32685424549/10897017621/21788406928
Tree 613-7-41689841E (845 MB)

Moves(All/W/B): 142166280/46563257/95603023
Tree 616-7-41689841e (845 MB)

Option "EverTree" keep hash tables after end of solution of first problem.
Easy generated following table with numbers of solutions for each position of white queen (99=more than 100 solutions - cooks with capture of black bishop)

Now in WinChloe database ALL orthodox helpmates computer tested!

Vaclav Kotesovec, tested in September 2002